Tina Brown: It's about time men feel "raw and threatened" by #MeToo

"I do think that if you're a woman, you have to be gold in a silver job," Tina Brown, the legendary former editor of The New Yorker and Vanity Fair told SalonTV's Mary Elizabeth Williams on "Salon Talks."

Brown has been a publishing gold medalist since becoming the editor of Vanity Fair when she was just 31. In her career, she's been the editor in chief of The New Yorker, founding editor of The Daily Beast, authored numerous books and founded of Tina Brown Live Media/Women in the World. She's also the host of the new "TBD with Tina Brown" podcast. And through it all, as she's won awards and discovered some of the most influential journalists of the last 30 years, she's survived the scrutiny that comes with the turf.

"Frankly, women just get belittled," Brown said. "I'll never forget when I won a general excellence award at Vanity Fair. It said, 'She brought buzz and fizz.' It made me sound like a cheerleader. This was an issue where I'd published William Styron's 10,000 word essay on depression that became his book.... I just blaze on, but once in awhile, I'll stop and I'll read something and I'll think, 'Wow.'"

Far beyond "buzz and fizz," Brown says her "secret sauce" has always been "not just following what readers [say] to run, but saying, "No, trust me and I'll tell you how interesting this is." And that's why she continues to buck against expectations.

"I can get kind of irritated sometimes with the Netflix algorithm," she says. "It will say, 'Because you watched this, you'll be interested in this.' No, I won't. I'm actually really bored by this. I don't want to see another noir Danish thriller. I'd like to see something completely different."

Watch the episode above to hear more about the Brown's take on #MeToo and why it's made women both "stalled and furious." Plus, she talks about the upcoming interviews on her podcast that she is looking forward to.

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