Silicon Valley is failing women. Can these girls bring hope?

"If Mark Zuckerberg was Mary Zuckerberg, or if Sergey Brin were Sujata and Briana, would you be seeing some of these issues that you're seeing? Would you be seeing our privacy being spread to everybody? Would you be seeing sexual harassment payouts in the billions of dollars?" Reshma Saujani, founder and CEO of Girls Who Code, questioned on "Salon Talks."

Saujani's new book "Brave Not Perfect" confronts the cultural advantages men are afforded throughout childhood and the unfair biases women face in the workplace with bottom-up solutions that are rooted in empowering the most important people in this conversation, women.

Saujani founded the tech nonprofit Girls Who Code in 2012, with the goal of closing the gender gap in STEM and teaching young women how to write code. Seven years later, Girls Who Code has trained over 185,000 girls

many of them black and Latina and half of them falling below the poverty line.

"You can't let people tell you that they're not there, or they can't learn, or we can't teach them. That's bullsh*t, " Saujani says about girls in tech. "The thing is, we have to break down the door, and we're breaking down the doors, one girl at a time."

On "Salon Talks," Saujani explains how to push back against patriarchy in tech and why making thousands of women upwardly mobile in the field is the long-term solution to challenging STEM-bros. Watch SalonTV's full interview with Saujani.

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