Parkland grad: "I've never seen a community so unified"

Delaney Tarr, Parkland shooting survivor, sits down with Salon's Rachel Leah on "Salon Talks" to discuss how the students banded together around activism to heal from the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School one year ago.

"I've never seen a community so unified in a way that it was after the shooting, because it's not just that something horrible happened, it's that it's a shared experience that we've all had and often times we are the most comfortable around one another," Tarr shared.

"We get not only going through this tragedy, but the huge weight of activism, the pressure of it, and we can really understand and just be ourselves." Tarr, a co-founder of the March for our Lives movement also explains the efforts the students are leading around gun control legislation. Watch more in the full episode.

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