What will Michael Cohen's testimony reveal about Trump's state of mind?

When Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen talks to Congress what he knew about the president’s actions during the 2016 presidential campaign, he plans to reveal evidence of his old boss’s lies and information about his finances.

But, will the revealing testimony change Trump’s fate? According to University of Arizona professor of law and author Andrew Coan, “the sentencing memo filed in Michael Cohen's case does not address Donald Trump's state of mind, and that's a crucial element of these campaign finance offenses.”

During a “Salon Talks” episode on Coan’s newest book “Prosecuting the President: How Special Prosecutors Hold Presidents Accountable and Protect the Rule of Law,”, he continued, “It seems likely, based on the sentencing memo and on the statement that Michael Cohen made when he pled guilty in this case, like the prosecutors probably have sufficient evidence to establish that the president had a guilty state of mind and therefore did violate criminal federal campaign finance laws.”

Watch the full episode with Coan to hear more analysis on Robert Mueller’s investigation.

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