Jeffrey Wright on how trauma affects his work, from playing an inmate to working with veterans

"Westworld" actor and Golden Globe winner Jeffrey Wright opened up on "Salon Talks" about a common thread in his two latest projects, trauma.

On an episode of "Salon Talks," Wright and Army veteran April Harris joined Salon's D. Watkins to discuss his HBO documentary film ""We Are Not Done Yet.", which documents Wright on his journey to help Harris and other veterans heal from trauma through expression, writing and performance.

Wright sees a similarities between the struggles those veterans are facing with PTSD and the trauma of Americans going through the U.S. prison system. "There's a serious overlap," he said.

In Wright's new HBO film "O.G." he portrays Louis, an inmate serving 24 years for committing a terrible crime, and who is weeks away from being released on parole for good behavior.

For Wright, working in a maximum security prison became real. "The thing that I felt walking into that space, beginning to work with them was, trauma. Yes, the trauma that they delivered onto to others." He explained that it was "injury and damage that had gone untreated."

Watch Salon's full episode with Wright to hear about the work he's doing off camera to help veterans with PTSD.

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