No fake orgasms here: How is creating real porn for women

What kind of porn turns women on? Michelle Shnaidman, founder and CEO of, joins SalonTV’s “Sex Toast” to discuss why she created an adult entertainment website that spotlights porn by and for women.’s exclusive erotic films show women as subjects of pleasure, not objects of conquest and span categories from oral pleasure to passionate sex and hot guys.

According to Shnaidman, in traditional male-centric porn, women are performing for men. “A minute into the scene, she’s having a screaming orgasm, even though no one’s touched any clitoris. Men can watch that and buy it, but when women do, they want to empathize with the content and she’ll call bullshit right away,” she said.

Here’s why’s porn is different. “Women really want to see themselves in scenes. They need it feel realistic. We have a golden rule: no fake orgasms,” Shnaidman said.

Watch the episode above to hear co-hosts Deren Jones and Ian Kerner ask Shnaidman how couples are using porn to strengthen intimacy in their relationships and why women are driving the conversation around porn with their partners.

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