Jesse Eisenberg on his acting persona: "To other people, I seem unusual"

During a "Salon Talks" episode about his new film "The Hummingbird Project," in theaters March 15, Academy Award-nominated actor Jesse Eisenberg opened up about the types of roles that Hollywood has branded "Jesse Eisenberg type characters."

While Eisenberg finds the concept "interesting," he says he can't objectively understand it. "I don't think anybody can possibly perceive themselves in the way that they're perceived by others," he told SalonTV's Mary Elizabeth Williams.

"People view me through the context of whatever they grew up with, and so maybe they think I speak in a fast way, for example, I've heard that, but the family I come from, I'm one of the slow ones," he continued.

Watch the video above to hear why Eisenberg thinks he's not unusual and actually "unremarkable." And check out the full episode to hear about the "Zombieland" sequel and his role as the "dumber hustler," Vincent, in "The Hummingbird Project."

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