Bon Appétit's food director is taking the shame out of online grocery shopping

Are you still going to the grocery store multiple times a week or buying in bulk at Costco? If you value uncomplicated, gourmet home cooking, Carla Lalli Music, the food director of Bon Appetit and host of the YouTube DIY kitchen sensation “Carla Makes…” wants you to try online grocery shopping.

“Your in-person shopping trips should be for the things that you being there in person, actually make a big difference, the things that are either quality ebbs and flows or like supply goes up and down,” Music explained to SalonTV’s Manny Howard on “Salon Talks.”

In Music’s new cookbook “Where Cooking Begins: Uncomplicated Recipes to Make You a Great Cook,”, she calls for just 15 essential pantry items that will reset your kitchen. Music buys many of those staples online. “I use online ordering regularly and strategically to keep my kitchen stocked with basics so I can come home at any house of the day and put together a meal,” Music writes in the book.

Check out the full episode to watch Music describe how to create a kitchen you’ll be excited to cook in, and what it’s like cooking alongside celebrities for her video series. For more food-centric episodes, visit our “Salon Talks” Food playlist.

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