With Mueller's report looking like an impeachment referral, how will Democrats act now?

Are the damaging findings in Robert Mueller’s report a tipping point for Democrats who were once skeptical of impeachment proceedings? And is the impeachment process worth it now more than ever? During a “Salon Talks” analysis, Salon’s Amanda Marcotte noted that her own perspective on impeaching the president shifted after reading the Mueller report.

“I’m beginning to think it’s time to do the right thing,” Marcotte said. “At a certain point you can’t tell what’s going to happen. You can’t control the way things are going to be. The only thing you can do is the right thing sometimes. He clearly committed a number of crimes.”

And, Salon’s executive editor Andrew O’Hehir warned that while “politically it’s probably not the right thing to do,” politics should not always be the primary consideration.

Watch the full “Salon Talks” analysis on Robert Mueller’s report to hear more on how impeachment efforts could affect the Democrats’ 2020 campaign and if it’s possible to separate the election from handling President Trump.

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