Apricot Lane Farms takes “sustainable” to the next level with regenerative farming

In this age of Twitter activism, there are endless opportunities to express dismay with people and companies that don’t share your political opinions. And while there’s some added value in that, farmer and director John Chester tells Salon how he’s trying to foster a “culture of innovators” in the agriculture industry who solve problems, instead of just yelling and protesting.

On Chester’s 214-acre regenerative farm in Moorpark, California, Apricot Lane Farms, he practices traditional farming that does not rely on agrochemical companies like Monsanto. Instead, he’s created an organic, biodynamic farm that grows 250 fruits and vegetables, is home to over 800 animals, and takes a natural approach to pests.

What made Chester “see change,” as he put it, was his own wild journey from working in the film industry in LA to building Apricot Lane Farms one hour north with his wife. He documents the eight-year process in the documentary “The Biggest Little Farm,” out in select theaters May 10 and then nationwide.

Watch the video above to learn how Chester wants to eliminate society’s reliance on monoculture farming. And watch the full episode to hear how the Chester’s dog Todd was the inspiration for their farm adventure.

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