What's holding America back from fixing food deserts?

Danielle Nierenberg, president of Food Tank, sits down with Qiana Mickie, executive director of Just Food, to discuss how America's hunger epidemic is connected to racial and social injustice during a special series of conversations on food affordability hosted by Food Tank, Salon, and New York University's Steinhardt School.

Holding onto what we know doesn't work in other areas of domestic policy, and applying those same strategies to our food system, is big part of the problem, Mickie said. "We know trickle down economics does not work and we know that consolidating power does not work. To me, it's really been about to truly unpack that, how to build a multiplying effect in the community, shift power and build wealth from the ground up," she added.

Watch the full conversation above to hear the details on how Just Food is building community-driven solutions to address inequities in our food system and how the organization is explicitly calling out racism that lives within these existing systems. And watch the full Solving Hunger Food Tank and Salon event here.

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