What's your favorite food's sustainability score? HowGood identifies a complex system's weakest spots

Food Tank’s president Danielle Nierenberg sits down with Alexander Gillett, CEO of HowGood, to discuss how data is driving transparency around sustainability in the food industry.

“Right now what’s going on in the food system is the understanding that the vast majority of products we can actually grow in a regenerative way, but is there the will to make those changes?,” Gillett asked. “Now that we can identify and track, with life-cycle analysis, what those impacts are for every single ingredient we can say ok how can we improve this.”

HowGood is a research company that rates food and personal care products in order to help brands improve their environmental and social impact. The company, which has brought transparency to over one million products, also helps identify specific issues a food may have in the global food system, like child slavery.

Watch the full conversation above to hear more about Gillett’s mission to bring more centralized transparency to consumers. And watch the full Good Tech and Good Food event presented by Food Tank and Salon here.

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