Alex Kaplan

Donald Trump
Return of Pizzagate: Pro-Trump media use FBI IG report to revive conspiracy theory Alex Kaplan
Emma Gonzalez, David Hogg, Cameron Kasky, Alex Wind
Here are the hoaxes surrounding the Parkland shooting and the Stoneman Douglas students Alex Kaplan
Facebook On Tablet
Facebook’s news feed changes could elevate fake news while harming legitimate news outlets Alex Kaplan
Donald Trump
6 far-right conspiracy theories that reached Congress and the White House in 2017 Alex Kaplan
Barack Obama
Conspiracy theory claims the CIA forged Obama’s birth certificate Alex Kaplan
Sean Hannity,Ted Cruz
22 ways Sean Hannity has tried to undermine the Russia probes Alex Kaplan
Sinclair Broadcast-Tribune Media
A short history of the right-wing politics of Sinclair Broadcasting Alex Kaplan
Barack Obama, John Roberts
Far-right media are now accusing Obama of spying on John Roberts Alex Kaplan
Alex Jones
Unmasking of Susan Rice: A perfect case study of new pro-Trump propaganda machine Alex Kaplan
Roger Stone
Appearing on Russian state television, longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone pushes Trump's wiretap lie Alex Kaplan
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