Annie Waldman

How Teach for America became an arm of the charter school movement Annie Waldman
On a Montana reservation, schools favor whites over Native Americans Annie Waldman
Charlottesville’s other Jim Crow legacy: separate and unequal education Annie Waldman
Shutdown of Texas schools probe shows Trump administration pullback on civil rights Annie Waldman
How hospitals are failing black mothers Annie Waldman
Voucher program helps well-off Vermonters pay for prep school at public expense Annie Waldman
Betsy DeVos' pick to head Civil Rights Office once said she faced discrimination for being white Annie Waldman
For-profit colleges gain beachhead in Trump administration Annie Waldman
Elizabeth Warren rips for-profit colleges: “Students and taxpayers have paid the price” Annie Waldman
Pope Francis' message is completely lost on Catholic universities Annie Waldman
The nation's wealthiest colleges are saddling its poorest students with debt Annie Waldman
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