Gary M. Kramer

Gary M. Kramer is a writer and film critic based in Philadelphia. Follow him on Twitter.

"Greed," a satire about the filthy rich, is as subtle as Steve Coogan's blindingly white teeth Gary M. Kramer
Life in Synchro
In "Life in Synchro," this hyperfeminist sport empowers women to work together Gary M. Kramer
Larry Lang in
"The Ringmaster": When a documentary about the world's best onion rings serves up a sobering twist Gary M. Kramer
Why Margot Robbie could be a dark horse for the Best Supporting Actress Oscar Gary M. Kramer
The Rhythm Section
In nimble spy thriller "The Rhythm Section," Blake Lively misses a beat Gary M. Kramer
The Neighbor's Window
Oscar live-action short film spotlight: From voyeurism to a donkey with headphones Gary M. Kramer
St. Louis Superman
Oscar documentary shorts: A guide to "St. Louis Superman" and "Walk Run Cha-Cha" Gary M. Kramer
The Gentlemen
Guy Ritchie's "The Gentlemen" is so crass and cringe-worthy, it's criminal Gary M. Kramer
Tommy Chong; Color Out of Space
Tommy Chong waxes philosophical about his stoner persona, jazz music, and dealing with Trump Gary M. Kramer
Kamiran Aldeo and Adam Ali,
"Little America" star: "Gay marriage is evolution" Gary M. Kramer
Alfre Woodard is devastating in the beautifully bleak death-penalty drama "Clemency" Gary M. Kramer
1917; Benedict Cumberbatch
"1917" is a luminous, ferociously intense "single-take" wartime experience Gary M. Kramer
Just Mercy
In "Just Mercy," Michael B. Jordan brings dignity to the story of a real-life Atticus Finch Gary M. Kramer
The wildest, most poignant, or unforgettable movie scenes of 2019 Gary M. Kramer
Uncut Gems; Adam Sandler
“Uncut Gems” is a merciless, nail-biting crime thriller that lets Adam Sandler shine Gary M. Kramer