Gleb Tsipursky

Gleb Tsipursky is a scholar of history, psychology, and cognitive neuroscience as a professor at Ohio State, and a president of the nonprofit Intentional Insights

Contradictory Man
Got a boss who denies reality? A behavioral scientist’s guide to tactful truth telling Gleb Tsipursky
Jobs Report
Here’s why your gut instinct is wrong at work — and how to know when it isn’t Gleb Tsipursky
Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton
Fact-checking doesn't matter: Human biases control whether or not we're going to believe politicians Gleb Tsipursky
Donald Trump; Hillary Clinton
These Trump and Clinton debate tactics will make you a better public speaker Gleb Tsipursky
WTC Reflecting Pool
A struggle for identity amid the terror: Feeling like a "weird American" after 9/11 Gleb Tsipursky
Free money is not so funny anymore: Confessions of a (former) skeptic of basic income Gleb Tsipursky
Police Stop
How neuroscience can help us understand — and address — police racial profiling Gleb Tsipursky
Donald Trump
Donald Trump feels your anger and anxiety: How neuroscience helps explain Trump's triumphs Gleb Tsipursky
Donald Trump
Get Donald Trump out of my brain: The neuroscience that explains why he's running away with the GOP Gleb Tsipursky
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