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Kim Messick lives in North Carolina. His blog, Primarily Politics, is at

Donald Trump
The GOP's big lie: They want us to believe Trump's hateful rhetoric isn't part of the conservative tradition. Don't buy it Kim Messick
Ted Cruz
The GOP's anti-modern rage: What Republican anger at the CNBC moderators tells us about the party Kim Messick
Donald Trump
Donald Trump is the last whimper of the angry white man: What's really behind his stubborn lead Kim Messick
Tom Cotton, Rush Limbaugh
Republicans' private terror: Why they despise the modern American state -- and embrace fanaticism Kim Messick
Rand Paul, Chris Christie
R.I.P., American conservatism: What's really behind the Tea Party’s barren individualism Kim Messick
The right's big morality puzzle: Why giving in won't save liberals from the politics of cynicism Kim Messick
GOP's paranoia and cruelty: The real lessons of the Obama presidency Kim Messick
GOP's moronic inferno: The real reason cranks and shills rule the party Kim Messick
Libertarians' reality problem: How an estrangement from history yields abject failure Kim Messick
GOP's epic internal struggle: The modernists vs. libertarian fabulists Kim Messick
Modern GOP is still the party of Dixie Kim Messick
The conservative crackup: How the Republican Party lost its mind Kim Messick
The Tea Party's paranoid aesthetic Kim Messick
No, there isn't a GOP civil war Kim Messick
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