Shefali Luthra

Jesse Watters; Coronavirus
Fox News' Jesse Watters says travel bans "more critical in saving lives" than COVID-19 testing Shefali Luthra
Nevada Democratic Debate
Democrats make slashing attacks on health care plans Shefali Luthra
Women shouldn’t get a bill for an IUD … but sometimes they do Shefali Luthra
Donald Trump
Team Trump says administration’s action on health care "is working." Is it? Shefali Luthra
Guy Vaping
A regulatory haze: Vape marketers are online, creating new headaches for feds Shefali Luthra
Joe Biden
Biden calling ACA a "breakthrough" for mental health parity only highlights gaps Shefali Luthra
Cory Booker; Elizabeth Warren; Joe Biden; Kirsten Gillibrand; Bernie Sanders
Democratic voters want to hear candidates’ views on health, but priorities vary Shefali Luthra
Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ)
Booker’s argument for environmental justice stays within the lines Shefali Luthra
'A Day Without A Woman' Protest in NYC
Planned parenthood’s "risky strategy" to update its image Shefali Luthra
Health officials’ plug for next FDA chief: Go big on e-cig regulation Shefali Luthra
In Florida, drug re-importation from Canada finds new champions, old snags Shefali Luthra
Bernie Sanders, Richard Blumenthal, Kirsten Gillibrand
For 2020 Dem hopefuls, "Medicare-For-All" is a defining issue, however they define it Shefali Luthra
Overcoming Opioids Better Drugs
Drug-pricing policies find new momentum as "a 2020 thing" Shefali Luthra
Statue Of Liberty Closed - Government Shutdown
How the government shutdown affects health programs Shefali Luthra
Playing on fear and fun, hospitals follow Pharma in direct-to-consumer advertising Shefali Luthra