Mika alleges Trump is “stupid” or mentally ill: "Donald is sort of lost in this parallel universe" TRAVIS GETTYS
Ex-DOJ: Trump is "talking like the head of a drug cartel" TRAVIS GETTYS
Morning Joe calls out GOP's for racist "public hanging" remark TRAVIS GETTYS
Obama lawyer calls Trump appointee "fake attorney general" TRAVIS GETTYS
Sponsors of hate: MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski slams Fox News' advertisers TRAVIS GETTYS
Bill Kristol calls on Fox News anchors to quit the network TRAVIS GETTYS
Morning Joe mocks Trump, Fox News for fake caravan crisis TRAVIS GETTYS
Mika Brzezinski blasts Trump for insulting Stormy Daniels TRAVIS GETTYS
Famed historian believes Trump is leading America to fascism TRAVIS GETTYS
Mika Brzezinski hammers Trump’s ‘disgusting’ mockery of Christine Ford TRAVIS GETTYS
Mueller is investigating attacks against conservative Trump critic: report TRAVIS GETTYS
The View’s Meghan McCain demands empathy for Muslim ban backers TRAVIS GETTYS
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