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October 16-20

By Salon Art staff
October 24, 2000 10:27PM (UTC)
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EW: Martin Lawrence to take home $20 million

People: Sheen family takes Wednesday sweeps

Film Unlimited: Hurley already expelled from UK actors union

Inside: Time Inc. to buy Times Mirror magazines


E!: Boy's plot to kill N'Sync foiled. He wanted to kill them because "The group gets all the good girls."


Wall of Sound: Everlast, Eminem in catfight

Mr. Showbiz: Culkin back to acting on London stage

CNN: Blair Witch webcast draws 100,000 in first hours

Mr. Showbiz: Clooney denies armpit sniffer accusation


Wall of Sound: Pumpkins unveil final performance locations


Mr. Showbiz: Hurley picketed at premiere

Film Unlimited: Malkovich to star in Spiderman

Mr. Showbiz: Travolta may make Battlefield Earth sequel

E!: De la Rocha to leave Rage

Mr. Showbiz: Fox films mauled in 2000

Mr. Showbiz: Hunt, Spacey rumors swirl as journalists kept at arms length



Inside: E-Bay pitching a TV show

Mr. Showbiz: Contender controversy, is it really a left wing screed?

CNN: Digital video slowly sweeping away celluloid

Variety: Fox depressed over potential NY NY World Series

Variety: DNA tipped to design Harry Potter sites for WB


Variety: WB to give green light to live action "Scooby-Doo"

Film Unlimited: Agents claim that WB is taking advantage of young actors in Harry Potter movie


Mr. Showbiz: Anne Heche dating a man?

LAT: Crowe, DreamWorks point fingers as "Almost Famous" flops


NYT: Holden on "The Contender"

Ebert: "The Contender" is bold

Billboard: "Kid A" goes to No. 1

E!: "Inside: "Ed" loses to baseball

Mr. Showbiz: "Parents" still No. 1 in BO

Mr. Showbiz: Winslet to name child Mia

E!: "Resident Evil" to make jump to screen


Film Unlimited: Douglas, Zeta-Jones, to co-star in art scam film

E!: Oldman claims left wing conspiracy active in "Contender" editing

Mr. Showbiz: Buffy to switch networks?

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