Sleeping with celebrities

As our three contest winners found, headaches aren't a problem when you share your nights with the famous in dreamland. Maybe we should make a habit of this.

By Salon Staff

Published December 7, 2000 5:00AM (EST)

On Oct. 9, we announced the Salon People Celebrity Dreams essay contest, in which we asked readers to submit short first-person accounts of their dream world visitations from the famous or infamous. We promised to publish the three best ones, for which we'd pay each winner a paltry sum and also send "a couple of gimcracks featuring the Salon logo."

How innocent we were back then -- it seems so long ago now: Chad was merely a man's name or an African nation, and a "dimpled Chad" was no more than a darned cute little tyke. In our naive haze, we figured our dream competition might get a dozen or so entries. Well, we received more than 10 times that (and still more after the Oct. 24 deadline), so many of them splendid, weird or splendidly weird that we had a helluva time picking just three winners. But we managed.

The first winning entry was published in Salon People Tuesday with one by Alex R. Young. Yesterday we published the second winner, written by Walt Davis. Today we publish the third and final winner, by Paul Harm. Our thanks and congratulations to each -- your checks and gimcracks are in the mail. However, that leaves us with a pleasant problem: Many fascinating, well-written reports of unconscious, nocturnal celebrity encounters still sit in the "Dreams" in box.

The solution? A regular, or perhaps irregular, new People feature. We'll start this new feature after the first of the year. Watch for it. Don't send submissions now, but wait for the first appearance of "Sleeping with celebrities" in January, when we'll announce how and where to contribute.

Until then, enjoy the winning essays. And many thanks to all of you who entered the contest.

Salon Staff

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