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Will Smith a no-show at Oscars, Peter Jennings a no-show at war coverage and Monica to host reality dating show.

Published March 20, 2003 7:43PM (EST)

The intersection of politics and Hollywood has always been a compelling one. The war is now on, and questions in the air include "Is Saddam dead or alive?" and "Will Meryl Streep attend the Oscars?" We don't have the answer to either one, but the information is trickling in. So far, Will Smith is out, Catherine Zeta-Jones is in (unless she gives birth) (Billboard); Cate Blanchett is out, the Barbara Walters special has been postponed (LA Times) and Meryl Streep is "making noises" about canceling. (Page Six) And those stars who do show may stage a symbolic protest when the living honorees are all onstage at once to celebrate the diamond anniversary. (LA Weekly)

If you want to check out of reality and focus instead on what Britney Spears is up to, we hear she's dating MTV host Mike Kasem and that he's being a positive influence on her. Thank god. (WENN)

Where was Peter Jennings? When war broke out at 9:30 p.m. (EST) last night NBC had Tom Brokaw and Desert Storm vet Peter Arnett, CBS had Dan Rather ready to go, but Jennings didn't show at ABC until about 10 p.m. (Tom Shales) Meanwhile, former anchor and uncle to us all Walter Cronkite was at Drew University last night and said he thought that "The arrogance of our spokespeople, even the president himself, has been exceptional." (Daily Record)

Monica Lewinsky will host a Fox reality show, starting April 21, called "Mr. Personality." The concept: A young, single, beautiful woman will court several guys and will make her choice based on their souls, not their baby blues. This will happen because the men will be wearing masks or hoods during the dating process. We think this story sounds like it's from the Onion, but it's not. It's from the Washington Post, so we assume it's true.

It's Robbie Williams vs. Madonna in a grudge match! Robbie went on record saying his new release "Happy Easter (War Is Coming)" is not antiwar. Madonna's song "American Life" will be accompanied by an antiwar video. Both will be out April 14. (Ananova)

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