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Tom makes Nicole cry, Polanski and Eminem give thanks, P.Diddy talks about his love life, and Calvin Klein talks to Sprewell -- during a game! Plus: Who are the most hated people in New York?

Published March 25, 2003 8:28PM (EST)

Reports are that Tom Cruise was the first to congratulate Nicole Kidman on her Oscar win Sunday night. She turned on her cellphone, and there was Tommy saying, "You were wonderful in the film and you fully deserve the award. Have a fantastic evening." Nic's real nose must have turned red as she teared up. (WENN)

Bad boys were big winners at the Academy Awards: Roman Polanski for best director and Eminem for best original song. Polanski, who couldn't accept his best director award in person lest he be arrested, made a statement Monday: "I am deeply touched to have received the Oscar for best director for a film which recounts events which are so close to my personal experience." Polanski was in Poland during WWII and his mother died in a concentration camp. (BBC) The rapper's spokesman said Eminem was "always thankful when the work he puts into his music is recognized by others." Grand awards seem to bring out the gentleman in even the naughtiest of men. (Yahoo)

If the Oscars could go on during war, so could the Miss USA Pageant. Last night Susie Castillo was crowned. She'll be the American candidate in the Miss Universe pageant in June in Panama. She said she hopes to raise the stature of Hispanics and downplay stereotypes. Brava to Susie and bravo to Donald Trump on his (hmm ... self-serving?) investment. The Donald has been diversifying his portfolio and co-owns the pageant with NBC. (News 8 Austin)

Wow, is Tim Robbins emulating Frank Sinatra? The star reportedly confronted Washington Post columnist Lloyd Grove at a post-Oscar party. Grove had interviewed Susan Sarandon's George Bush-loving mother who apparently said she was worried about her grandchild being raised by leftists. Robbins, according to the N.Y. Post, threatened: "If you ever write about my family again, I will hunt you down." Pacifist, shmacifist.

Know the G.I. stationed in Kuwait that best actor winner Adrien Brody sent love to during his acceptance speech? The soldier's parents weren't watching but were thrilled to hear from a neighbor that their son's name was mentioned by his pal from Queens. They hadn't seen "The Pianist" but told reporters they would soon. (N.Y. Daily News)

P.Diddy has just announced, "My love life is straight." Well, we guess he means he's back with the mother of his youngest son, Kim Porter. Not that there would have been anything wrong ... (Washington Post)

Nothing comes between Calvin Klein and his favorite basketball player. The designer decided to have an up-close and personal chat with Latrell Sprewell during a game Monday night and had to be escorted back to his seat by security guards. We would pay to know what Calvin said to Latrell. Maybe it was just a comment on how fabulous the uniform was looking ... (N.Y. Times)

We knew you were waiting to hear who New York Press readers consider the top 50 most loathsome people in New York. The votes have been tabulated and the least loathed of the 50 is Naomi Campbell; Patti Smith and Harvey Weinstein are duly hated, Woody Allen makes the list for not being funny, as does nice-guy George Steinbrenner -- for being infantile. But for some reason the No. 1 most loathed is Maxim editor Keith Blanchard, who they say "honestly thinks his glossy is a populist organ of substance and not a sheep-herding, post-frat social crutch for drooling, entry-level, corporate cogs." Don't sugarcoat it, people. Say what you mean.

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