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Penelope and Charlize are in love, Spike Lee is pissed, and the country's hottest gossip columnist won't say if he's in the CIA. Plus: Justin Timberlake wins a burping contest

Published April 14, 2003 6:50PM (EDT)

Penelope Cruz and Charlize Theron an item? Word is they'll be part of a love triangle, that may include a lesbian angle, in the upcoming movie "Head in the Clouds." Actor Stuart Townsend (Theron's real-life squeeze) is the guy in the middle. Every man's fantasy? (MSNBC)

Spike Lee was in London last week, promoting his fab film "25th Hour," and during an interview he spoke out about the Enron scandal and the current war in Iraq: "Yeah, I'm still angry about those crooks [Enron executives]. Good people worked themselves to death to save for their retirement and then they had their money stolen. That simple. And nobody's gone to jail -- not one of these bastards. And now the same people are going to get rich off war." Uh-oh, American artist speaks out in Britain. We hope this doesn't mean Spike is going to be Dixie Chicked. (Guardian)

John Malkovich, meanwhile, will probably be on the White House guest list after they hear what he had to say about the French. The actor, who lived in Aix-en-Provence for several years, says, "The French say that everybody else has a self-interest [in Iraq], but none is more obvious than theirs. And they're absolutely blind to it." (N.Y. Daily News)

The Naked Chef is a dad again! Jamie Oliver and wife Jools welcomed Daisy Boo Thursday, a year after the birth of their first daughter, Poppy Honey. We applaud the couple on the addition to the kitchen staff and on the cute floral names. (Ananova)

Speaking of young 'uns, last night at Nickelodeon's 16th Annual Kids' Choice Awards in Santa Monica Jim Carrey was slimed, Justin Timberlake won the burping contest and Amanda Bynes won favorite female movie star for "Big Fat Liar"! What, no awards for the most fantastic fart? Maybe next year ... (USA Today)

Page Six editor Richard Johnson says it's true that he once applied for a job with the CIA. He said it might have helped him get good stories: "I was just going to do that on the side. I wasn't going to leave my journalism gig. I wanted to have a dual career. I thought that the journalism gig would provide a good cover. I thought also I could probably get some good stories. Might be a two-way street." He added, "You know, if I were in the CIA, I'd have to pretend I wasn't, anyway." Stay where you are, Johnson. We think that someone will tell Page Six where Osama and Saddam are before they'll tell the CIA. (I Want Media)

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