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Will Michael Moore throw a turd in the punch bowl? Will there be a lesbian kiss on a daytime soap? And who is sexier to French men -- Anna Kournikova or Britney Spears? Plus: A Marilyn Monroe crime story.

Published April 15, 2003 6:55PM (EDT)

The political, journalistic and celebrity worlds are all abuzz over the annual White House Correspondents Dinner April 26. The event is usually not this closely scrutinized, but with the war on and everyone offending everyone else, things could get exciting. The big question mark is whether a news organization will invite the potentially combustible Michael Moore. Whether they do or not, the guest list includes people who probably don't show up at each other's dinner parties on a regular basis: Richard Branson, Bo Derek, Tina Brown, Paula Abdul and Christie Brinkley being a few mentioned. We hope someone takes notes. (Page Six)

Ouch! TV critic Tom Shales isn't too happy with Julia Louis-Dreyfus' new show, "Watching Ellie" (that re-premieres tonight). He says, "It's an in-your-face affair, and after a while, your face gets tired." Unlike the show that made her famous -- "Seinfeld" -- this sitcom tries to be about something. Always a bad idea, folks. (Washington Post)

Speaking of TV, "All My Children" fans will be blasted out of their Barcaloungers next week when the first lesbian kiss in soap history hits the screen. On April 22 (mark your calendars) gay teen Bianca Montgomery (Eden Riegel) will have a "moment of truth and true love" with new friend Lena (Olga Sosnovska). Yeow! Maybe these shows will have to be called Sappho operas from now on ... (CNN)

It doesn't matter whether you dream in dollars or rubles, sexy tennis stars are always hot gossip. The Russians are proud that their hometown girl Anna Kournikova finished higher than Britney Spears on a "World's Sexiest 100 Women" list compiled by a French men's mag. Anna is quite a brash blintz -- she supposedly compared herself to a dish at an exclusive restaurant: "You see me and want me but cannot afford me." (Pravda)

We hear that designer Stella McCartney shocked the ladies who lunch in Beverly Hills the other day. She was being honored at a gala and wanted to pick out the tablecloth fabric herself (who wouldn't?). Little Stella wanted a pattern that featured monkeys fornicating with human skeletons, some holding guns. The planning committee got wind of this and decided to override the guest of honor and go with pink and white instead. Hmm ... wonder who makes the monkey pattern -- the Ozzie Osbourne home collection? (New York Magazine)

The British have a way with crime. Two baubles -- a ring and a bangle -- were stolen from a Marilyn Monroe exhibition in London yesterday. A man was arrested and officials are looking for a second culprit. But the best thing about the story is that the items were stolen from the Roald Dahl Gallery at County Hall. It's a story he would relish. For Dahl's sake, let's hope it has a witty, sinister finish. (This Is Local London)

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