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Madonna likes sex, Colin Farrell likes Sean's wife, Oliver likes Castro too much and Cage likes his comic books more than he likes Lisa Marie!

Published April 17, 2003 7:28PM (EDT)

Stop the presses! Madonna reports that sex in her 40s is better than ever. The 44-year-old icon, who is married to 34-year-old Guy Ritchie, informs us that she's a "very passionate person and when you really love someone, the sex and love is going to be great." We are happy for Mrs. R, but sincerely hope we don't see her next on an ad for hormone replacement therapy. (Ananova)

Does wild Irish actor Colin Farrell have a death wish? Rumors are that after a smooch with Robin Wright Penn for the film "Home at the End of the World" the crazy guy didn't want to let go. Does he know her hubby Sean Penn packs heat? Just wondering ... (WENN)

Cool sighting of the week: What could be better than Asia Argento and Abel Ferrara singing together at Arlene's Grocery on the Lower East Side of N.Y.? We can only hope they were crooning something by Cole Porter. (N.Y. Daily News)

Now we know why Nicolas Cage had to leave Lisa Marie Presley -- she committed the biggest sin there is -- she made him sell his comic book collection! "She didn't just want me, she wanted my soul," vents the actor. She probably also wanted more room in the closet. (ITV)

Update on the HBO/Oliver Stone boxing match over Stone's documentary on Fidel Castro, "Comandante." The film was set to run on the cable channel May 5 but has been yanked from the schedule and sources say HBO wants Stone to reinterview Castro and rework the piece so it isn't so pro-Comandante. It might be too little too late. "It's funny," observed Ninoska Pérez Castellón of the Miami-based Cuban Liberty Council, "because now HBO wants Stone to go back and add stuff to the documentary that has been going on in Cuba for years!" (Miami Herald)

Five artists are showing their Maggie-inspired works in London at a show called "Thatcher." One, Eric Wurm, says he decided to show photographs from his series "Instructions on How to Be Politically Incorrect." One of those photos, "Inspection," he says "shows two women eating in a chic restaurant; very close to one woman is a man who has put his head down her sweater. 'Inspection' could be about what's happening in the U.S., having to prove what you're doing all the time. Thatcher encouraged that culture." Wurm goes on to say, "I'm afraid of Bush and the way he is so intent on showing the world that America is the strongest. It's like a very kinky science-fiction fantasy." We only wish, Eric. Dubya is a lot of things, but kinky he's not. (Guardian)

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