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George Clooney does D.C., "Full Monty" star does Hitler, and Dubya interrupts "Will & Grace." Plus: Is Harrison Ford a good lover?

Published May 1, 2003 4:57PM (EDT)

George Clooney and Steven Soderbergh are said to be the masterminds behind an upcoming HBO series "K Street" about political consulting in Washington, D.C. What do they know about such things? They know to call in James Carville, Mary Matalin and James Deaver as consultants on what it's like to be a consultant. Wonder who will play the prez, Charlie Sheen? (Cindy Adams)

Men in berets looking faintly like Groucho Marx and Omar Sharif answered casting calls in London for Saddam Hussein look-alikes this week. The role is for an as-yet-unnamed review/satire on the deposed despot. The theater impresario whose idea this was says it will take a "sideways look" at the war and the international situation that led to it. Sideways seems the appropriate angle for this subject. (BBC)

Speaking of despots, it seems that playing Hitler is a casting coup this year. First we had Noah Taylor in "Max" and now "Full Monty" star Robert Carlyle will play the Führer in a TV film also starring Matthew Modine and Peter O'Toole. If you'll remember, the film sparked controversy during shooting when executive producer Ed Gernon suggested Americans were supporting Bush's war plans because they, like Germans during Hitler's reign, were afraid to disagree. We wonder if this means the movie will be Dixie Chicked when it's screened next month on CBS. (ITV)

"I didn't have any problems doing love scenes with him," raved sultry actress Lena Olin after making the film "Hollywood Homicide" with Harrison Ford. Wow, with reviews like that, Harrison must be all tingly inside! (MSNBC)

Is Spanish actor Javier Bardem pulling a De Niro? Bardem says he stopped smoking and will be appearing about 30 pounds heavier than normal in the upcoming film "Mondays in the Sun," a drama about unemployed dock workers, set for a July release. "I am very fat in this movie," says the actor. As far as we're concerned, Javier, it's just more of you to love. (NY Daily News)

Fans of Must-See TV are hot under the collar because tonight's address by President Bush, about the war in Iraq coming to an end, is scheduled to start at 9 p.m. (EDT), right when we're all poised to watch "Will & Grace." But how else would the oh-so-charismatic commander in chief get the country to tune in? He can't help it if he's not as cute as "Just Jack." (TV Guide)

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