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Is "The Matrix" unfair to albinos? Are you ready for the Eminem video game? Does Tommy Chong own a bong? Plus: Ewan McGregor leaves 'em confused.

Published May 14, 2003 7:22PM (EDT)

We old-timers remember playboy/society columnist Taki Theodoracopulos running around New York in the '80s looking as tanned and ready to party as George Hamilton. Still as fabulous as ever, he says of his new 115-foot yacht, "Who needs a wife when he has a boat?" Who, indeed. Thanks, Taki, for bringing us back to the blissful days before political correctness ruled the world. (NY Post)

OK, "Matrix" fans, here's a new one: Seems a doctor with the National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation is upset because the villains in the new film, and in other movies over the past 40 years, have been albinos. The studio spokeswoman had this to say about that: "We don't call them albinos. They're dead. That's why they're pale." And is that why Keanu Reeves has no affect? (MSNBC)

People thought that American filmmakers and actors might shun the Cannes Film Festival this year, it being in France and all. Not so. In fact, two Americans, Meg Ryan and Steven Soderbergh, are on the jury. Hey, war or no war, who says no to a place where gorgeous people saunter, almost naked, on the beach all day? (BBC)

We are happy to hear that "Down With Love" star Ewan McGregor has a mouth on him as well as a body. When asked whether he's ever acted like his playboy character in the film, he said, "I'm a man. I've never drugged anyone for a f ---. I can quite seriously say that. [But] I've confused them emotionally." Truly a man of principle. (TV Guide)

Not only can you listen to either radio-edit or mature-rated versions of Rapper Eminem's music and see him on film, but you will soon be able to play video games based on unscrambling puzzles before one of his songs finishes. The releasing company, MixTV, announced, "We're positioning the brand as a fan-appreciation product." Marketing-strategy language is kind of like poetry, isn't it? (CNN)

Tommy Chong's bongs have gotten him into trouble, thanks to the new government sweep "Operation Pipe Dreams." Probably because of some amazing intelligence tips, the feds rounded up the actor, known for the past 30 years or so as a pot head, and he now faces up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. Chong's attorney said: "He's very anxious to get this matter behind him and get back to his real job, which is making people laugh." Chong did just that when he told reporters outside the courtroom that he had stopped smoking dope. (Yahoo)

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