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Bill Clinton loves the music, Brad Pitt's buns love the sun and Julia Roberts loves not being married. Plus: "Lord of the Rings" -- the musical?

Published May 29, 2003 7:47PM (EDT)

Bill Clinton waxed nostalgic about being president at the Kennedy Library in Boston the other day, saying "For a couple of months I was disoriented when I walked in a room and they didn't play a song anymore," but also commented on the serious side of being the commander in chief. When asked whether a prez's private life should be fair game he said yes, if you're an historian but not "if you're trying to turn a public person into a private piñata." Good point, señor Bill. (AP)

Is Julia Roberts the Typhoid Mary of marriage? Seems the gal can't stay put in a relationship for long. Rumors have her 10-month-long marriage to cameraman Danny Moder on the rocks already, though the actress's people say no way. Julia seems like a filly who likes running and being caught but not staying in the corral for long. (MSNBC)

Speaking of feisty, Billy Bob Thornton is now officially divorced from wife No. 5, Angelina Jolie. Maybe Billy and Julia should give it a try. They could get married, then start dating other people and everyone would be happy! (Yahoo)

All you "Lord of the Rings" fans might want to start booking your flight to England in spring 2005. Word is that the mighty saga is being turned into a mighty musical to hit the London stage right about then. The mind boggles. (TV Guide)

Speaking of spectacles, Liz Smith says she hears Brad Pitt has been caught with his pants down again and we should be watching for the photos to appear in a magazine spread sometime soon. Seems he was sunbathing in the nude during filming of "Troy" in the Mediterranean and paparazzi did what paparazzi do. A few years ago some pics of Brad and then-gal pal Gwyneth Paltrow ended up in Playgirl, but he's probably even more attractive to that magazine as a solo act.

Word is that many top book publishers aren't interested in seeing the proposal being floated by former New York Times reporter Jayson Blair about his infamous time at the paper. Several players, including Judith Regan and Jonathan Burnham have scorned the idea. And it's not that they have qualms about publishing work by a scoundrel, it's that they just don't think it will sell well. Don't worry, guys, no one thought you were passing on the book because of scruples. (Moby Lives)

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