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Jude Law and Edward Norton party with "The Kid," MTV-ers party with the law and Prince Charles gets down with veggies. Plus: Lou Reed isn't perfect!

By Amy Reiter - Karen Croft
June 26, 2003 6:52PM (UTC)
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A party got out of hand this week in an East Quogue (haughty Hamptons) house rented by MTV for a hip-hop event when festivities turned into faux-fighting, which then turned into a real melee at a nearby club. More than 100 rowdies were involved, cops were assaulted, tip jars raided and beer bottles were broken over heads. What would Gatsby say? These young people need a few lessons in how to throw a glass of champagne in someone's face with wit and style. (NY Daily News)

Jude Law and Edward Norton are no fools. They know Robert ("The Kid Stays in the Picture") Evans is the man. Not only did he produce "The Godfather," "Chinatown" and "Rosemary's Baby," but he is of the old school when it comes to entertaining -- no beer bottles on heads here. The guys gathered the other night to watch a heavyweight bout between Lennox Lewis and Vitali Klitschko (who?) and it must have been fun -- both personal and business. Can't wait to see if the two young talents show up in an Evans project. (Liz Smith)


Lou Reed is touring to back up his new album based on Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven." He got a rough review of last night's Wiltern show from The Hollywood Reporter, which said that his voice and songwriting were less than perfect and that he had an annoying ball of phlegm in his throat. The reviewer went on to say that happiness was in short supply and that Reed offered "half-sung, half-spoken jive to paint impressions of suicide, apathy, addiction withdrawal, loneliness, dysfunction, depression and the abuse of power." As if that's a negative thing ...

Prince Charles is known for his propensity to wander in nature, often wearing a kilt. His latest admission takes it a step further. Seems the big-eared one likes to chat up veggies as well. He visited an organic research center and spoke at the opening of an interactive exhibit on the history of vegetables, saying, "Bearing in mind some of my more illuminating conversations have been with vegetables, none of you will be surprised that I am delighted with this development ..." Wonder if Camilla Parker Bowles is amused. (Ananova)

-- Karen Croft


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One thousand clams for a letter written to someone else by Hillary Clinton? Writer Fredric Alan Maxwell hopes to get maybe even more than that on eBay for a note the New York senator wrote to him after he wrote in the New York Times that she "looks far better in person" than you might think, reports the Washington Post. Flattered, Clinton wrote Maxwell to say that "Anyone who thinks I look better in person is a true patriot, albeit myopic."

Does that include Matt Drudge? Drudge has complimented Clinton on her "beautiful, blue eyes," noting that they're a "dramatic transformation from her natural hazel tint." An "insider" has told Drudge that Clinton "started experimenting with different blazing blue colors at the White House. She even tried turquoise contact lenses once, but it was not a great look for her." No patriot, that insider.


Will the makers of the "FAUX News" and "O'Reilly Youth" T-shirts put the cease-and-desist letter they got from Fox News up for sale on eBay, too? Who knows? But thanks to the influx of new customers visiting their Agitproperties Web site in response to the controversy, they'd need the auction cash less than ever.(The Register via I Want Media)

Britney Spears on drugs: "Let's say that you reach a stage in your life where you are curious. I was curious at one point. Was it a mistake? Yes." And on hard partying: "I'll go out and have a good time. Why shouldn't I? And just like anybody my age, maybe I have woken up the next morning and said: 'Whoo ... that was a crazy night.'" (The Star via N.Y. Daily News


Will California smokers breathe easier if Arnold Schwarzenegger is elected governor? Depends whether they're Republican and where they go. The not-yet-candidate says he thinks New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg's restaurant smoking ban is "a little overboard." Were he elected, he says, "I would have some restaurants that are smoking restaurants and some non-smoking so there is a choice. Now there is no choice." Consequently, the N.Y. Post calls him "Pro Choice." Ha.

Gene Simmons, no feminist: "A woman only wants to hook a man. That's why she paints her lips with a vaginal color." (Cindy Adams)

-- Amy Reiter


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