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The cheerleader marries the fireman, Robbie Williams takes off his clothes (again), and Liza has a brand new gig. Plus: Viggo speaks out on leadership.

By Karen Croft
Published December 11, 2003 8:08PM (EST)

I didn't watch Trista marry Ryan last night, but lots of other people did. Is there anything more perfect for right now than a cheerlearder marrying a fireman on TV? It's America's finest romantic vision of itself condensed into a two-hour special. And ABC touted it as "the most anticipated wedding since Charles and Diana." They had to, since the network spent more than $3 million for the event. Early word from Drudge has the show winning the ratings race for the night so maybe it was worth the expense. Best line of the wire story? The groom's father's last words of advice to his son before the ceremony: "Hang in there, Ryan. It will soon be over." (AP via ABC News)

It's probably safe to assume that Brit rocker Robbie Williams wasn't invited to Trista's wedding. Nope -- he was prancing around in a hotel room naked instead! Robbie's official German Web site has a shot of him mostly naked (with strategic blurring) with the promise that when the site gets a million visitors, Williams will be fully exposed. Robbie just has to get over his shyness problem. (Ananova)

Speaking of Brit rockers, the venerable Bryan Ferry is truly a slave to love. His divorce from wife Lucy was final in March. In September we heard that Bryan was dating one of his backup singers, 22-year-old Katie Turner. Now it seems he's with 30-year-old Rita Konig who is known around town for her book "Domestic Bliss: How to Live" (which advises, among other things, to vacuum in stilettos and lingerie and "puff up your pillows"). (3 am Girls)

You've gotta love Liza Minnelli. Life keeps beating her down and she just keeps getting up again. She's going through her fourth divorce, but she just signed a deal to appear on six episodes of the Ron Howard-produced sitcom "Arrested Development" as a widowed socialite who develops a crush on Buster. That gal's got legs. (IMDB)

The hottest hunk in the hemisphere right now is "Lord of the Rings" star Viggo Mortensen, who is not only an actor but a poet, photographer, painter and publisher. He also speaks out politically. In an interview today he explained why he liked the character he plays: "Everyone thinks [Aragorn] is the man for the job, because he has humility, a concern with the consequences of his actions and words on others and an interest in finding common ground with other people. All are qualities which I wish there were more of in real life in our modern-day leaders. There's an unfortunate lack of humility and overabundance of arrogance." Also, not as many special effects. (AP via Metromix)

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