Kerry's joint appearance

By Geraldine Sealey
January 17, 2004 2:35AM (UTC)
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CNN's "Inside Politics" just ran a video clip of John Kerry at a campaign event where Kerry pretends to be smoking a joint. The tape was provided to CNN by the Republican National Committee, Judy Woodruff said. She didn't explain a lot about why CNN chose to run it, nor did she give much background about the tape.

But here's a description of the actual event from the CBS News reporter assigned to Kerry. It took place on Jan. 6 in Iowa, when Kerry was campaigning with his old friend Pete Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary.


"... aides were shaking their heads after a Yarrow-inspired scene turned out a little weird. At a house party thrown by Story County Democrats, Yarrow summoned Kerry to the living room where he had just started playing 'Puff the Magic Dragon.' At one point, as Yarrow sang the word 'puff,' Kerry quickly gestured as if he was smoking pot."

Maybe the RNC is worried about Kerry's apparent rise in the Iowa polls.

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