Batting for dollars

By Geraldine Sealey
February 6, 2004 2:35AM (UTC)
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This morning, Howard Dean said Wisconsin (Feb. 17) was his win-or-withdraw state and asked supporters to help him raise $700,000 by Sunday to fund his last-ditch effort to stay in the race. Out came the good old Dean fund-raising "bat," the baseball bat image that pops up on the Dean Web site and fills with red as a money drive nears its goal. From the looks of the nearly-blood red bat on the page right now, Dean's supporters don't want to let him down as he dangles before them the possible near-end of his candidacy.

On the official campaign blog, Dean's Internet organizer Zephyr Teachout was ecstatic over the Win Wisconsin bat: "You are buzzing, you are swinging, and you are absolutely incredible! You are going to take the country back," she wrote.


"A reporter from CBS just called to say, 'what is going on???' You are what is going on. You are still defining the debate, and the race -- and with your help Dean will catapult out of Wisconsin towards the March 2, Super Tuesday states, and from there to the nomination and the Presidency. As of 4 PM ET, you've raised $458,112.05. 6217 people have contributed an average of $73.62."

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