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By Geraldine Sealey
Published March 23, 2004 7:07PM (EST)

Gallup asked Americans, apparently not just registered Democrats, who'd they like to see as John Kerry's running mate. Thirty percent say they want John Edwards as Kerry's V.P., and all other possibilities get just single digits. More than a third, though, said they want Kerry to pick "no one," curiously enough. Gallup's link to the poll is subscriber only, but Political Wire runs an item on it as well as other John Edwards survey info.

A Zogby poll shows Kerry ahead of Bush 48 percent to 46 percent. Then add Ralph Nader to the mix and Bush and Kerry are tied. But Zogby notes that President Bush's job performance rating continues to slide, and voters expressed concerns regarding the country's direction. The pollster's conclusion is that the numbers are unpredictable, but that "Kerry seems to have weathered the first week of both blistering attacks from the President and Vice-President and his clumsy claim of support from foreign leaders. The President holds on to strong support among Republicans, but he is having trouble with Independents. Both sides have the gloves off and this tempo should continue because the race is just so tight."

Geraldine Sealey

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