Blue teeth: A gallery

When white goes wrong (Attention: Regis, Demi and Hannity!)

Corrie Pikul - Scott Lamb
April 28, 2004 1:42AM (UTC)

Salon's clinical research into the victims of blue teeth (what David Amsden describes as extreme cases where bleached teeth "have surpassed the whole spectrum of white -- from nimbus to bone, pearl to opal -- and have turned a shade") was complicated not by lack of specimens. In fact, because of cable news ( Laurie Dhue, Brian Kilmeade, Brenda Buttner: You're lucky we decided on just one Fox correspondent) and reality TV shows (Brian H. of "Boy Meets Boy": we just couldn't find a good enough photo) there was a veritable epidemic of cases to choose from.

So we focused on the most prominent casualties and, for them, a prescription: Five black cups of coffee, a pack of Marlboro Reds and a new team of stylists to keep this from ever happening again.



Blue Teeth
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