Revenge of the "Kerry intern"

By Geraldine Sealey

Published May 28, 2004 7:18PM (EDT)

Remember the ginned up John Kerry intern saga?

Gawker is running an excerpt from an article written by the woman who was the subject of the breathless Drudge "exclusives" and subsequent rumor-mongering by some in the media, and most especially by British tabloids. In her upcoming piece in New York magazine, Alex Polier tries to get answers from Brian Flynn of the British tab The Sun, who wrote a piece that quoted her mother, even though Polier's mom wasn't even home when Flynn called. (Flynn's piece has been removed from The Sun's Web site.) It's a riot to watch Flynn squirm and refuse to answer Polier's questions about his lack of ethics.

Polier writes of her conversation with Flynn:

"Why did you quote my mother when she wasn't even home?" I persisted.

"I really can't talk about this right now, Alex," he said.

When I finally tracked him down the following week, he was brusque and told me to go through The Sun's PR office. I asked him about my mother again, but he kept saying, "Sorry, Alex, proper channels." Reached in London, Lorna Carmichael, The Sun's PR manager, refused to comment. I went to Flynn's apartment, and spoke to his wife through the intercom. "Go away and leave us alone!" she cried. "He's not going to come down or speak to you."

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