"This is marketing"

Published June 9, 2004 1:58PM (EDT)

Those Enron traders continue to make their parents proud in hours and hours of audiotapes showing how they gloated over the energy crisis they helped rig in California.

In the last batch, we heard the traders sharing a laugh over ripping off -- in profane language not fit to repeat on a family Web site -- "Grandma Millie."

But there is so much more. CBS reports on the next round of embarrassing, incriminating tapes.

"In one tape, an employee says, 'You gotta think the economy is going to f------g get crushed, man. This is like a recession waiting to f-----g happen.' The tapes show Enron tried to bring California to its knees. Elsewhere on the tapes, another employee says, 'This is where California breaks.'"

Another bit: "What we need to do is to help in the cause of, ah, downfall of California," an employee is heard saying on the tapes. "You guys need to pull your megawatts out of California on a daily basis."

"They're on the ropes today," says another employee. "I exported like a f------g 400 megs."

"Wow,'' says another employee, "f--k 'em, right!"

In another excerpt, an employee says: "It's called lies. It's all how well you can weave these lies together, Shari, alright, so," an employee is heard saying.

The other employee says, "I feel like I'm being corrupted now."

The first employee adds, "No, this is marketing."


By Geraldine Sealey

Geraldine Sealey is senior news editor at Salon.com.

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