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Published June 17, 2004 4:34PM (EDT)

More than half of Iraqis surveyed believe they'd be safer without U.S. forces in their country -- and that all Americans behave like the prison guards at Abu Ghraib.

A Mother Jones poll shows nearly two thirds of American voters say the country is on the wrong track and most believe they are personally worse off than three years ago.

Two new state polls show Bush ahead of Kerry in Florida 50 to 43 percent and Kerry ahead of Bush in Maryland 52 to 38 percent.

Most Americans do not want to put Ronald Reagan on the 10 dollar bill or the dime.

Red state, blue state. Fat state, thin state.

Gallup: Most Americans say it was not worth going to war in Iraq. Half want some or all U.S. troops to come home.

By Geraldine Sealey

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