Introducing John Kerry

Published July 13, 2004 2:59PM (EDT)

The Democrats just released their speakers line-up for the Boston convention, and it's clear the strategy is at least in part to introduce John Kerry to all of those voters out there still telling pollsters they don't know much about him. Lots of friends, family members and Vietnam vets on the speakers' schedule -- and for the party faithful, names like Clinton, Carter and Kennedy. Watch for another potential scorcher from Al Gore on Monday night. And Ron Reagan will make his case for stem-cell research and take some jabs at his father's party on Tuesday night. As for the Democratic themes, the key words for the week are "strong," "service" "respect," "secure" and "optimistic."

The speaker highlights (press release said this is a "partial list"):

Monday (Theme: "The Kerry-Edwards optimistic plan for America's future"): Representative Stephanie Tubbs-Jones of Ohio, Representative Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, Representative Bob Menendez of New Jersey, Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton.
Tuesday (Theme: "A Lifetime of Strength & Service"): Ron Reagan, Ted Kennedy, Iowa First Lady Christie Vilsack, Ariz. Gov. Janet Napolitano, Teresa Heinz Kerry.
Wednesday (Theme: "A Stronger More Secure America"): Bill Richardson, Mayor Martin O'Malley of Baltimore, Retired Marine Lt. Col. Steve Brozak of New Jersey, Elizabeth Edwards and John Edwards.
Thursday (Theme: "Stronger at Home, Respected in the World"): Kerry's Swift Boat Crewmates. Jim Rassman, Green Beret Kerry rescued in Vietnam. John Kerrys daughters, Alex and Vanessa Kerry and two step sons, Chris and Andre Heinz. Former Sen. Max Cleland. John Kerry.

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