Some candidates talk economics, he talks eugenics

By Geraldine Sealey
Published August 3, 2004 9:07PM (EDT)

Imagine getting a knock on your door, opening it and greeting a man wearing a bulletproof vest and carrying a gun who says: "I'm James Hart. I'm running for Congress.  I think white children deserve the same rights as everyone else."

It's happening in Tennessee, where eugenics supporter James Hart is embarrassing the local GOP, which didn't cough up a candidate to oppose the Democratic incumbent, so Hart's running unopposed in the 8th congressional district's primary. Hart believes the United States will look "like one big Detroit'' if it we don't end welfare and immigration, and he actually tells people as much when he knocks on their door.

Now, 8th District Republicans are trying to keep Hart out of the general election by organizing a write-in campaign for another candidate, financial analyst and former military officer Dennis Bertrand. "I would characterize him as a racist, an elitist," Bertrand says of his opponent. "His idea of ... genetically altering the human race in order to build a super race with super intelligence is appalling." You think?

It's fair to say these are not the issues one would expect at the forefront of a congressional primary race. The economy? Sure. The war? No question. But the pros and cons of building a "super race"? And some of you thought the gay marriage debate was a distraction from real concerns.

Geraldine Sealey

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