Nader news: Off Ohio ballot, on in New Mexico

Published September 29, 2004 2:29PM (EDT)

Ballot Access News has the latest on Ralph Nader's quest to get on as many ballots as possible. On Tuesday, he lost battles in three states -- Ohio, Oregon and Wisconsin -- and won places on ballots in two states, Maine and New Mexico.

Nader is now confirmed on 35 state ballots, with the potential for 42 states, according to BAN.

Nader getting tossed off the Ohio ballot is relieving to Democrats -- and the circumstances a little embarrassing for Nader/Camejo. They turned in nearly 15,000 signatures, and needed only 5,000 to qualify for the ballot. Because of forged signatures, Nader fell far short of the required number -- only 3,708 were declared valid.

Nader got 2.5 percent of the Ohio vote in 2000 -- Bush beat Gore there by 3.6 percentage points.

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