Post's Kaiser wants bulge mystery solved

By Geraldine Sealey
Published October 11, 2004 8:45PM (EDT)

Washington Post associate editor Robert Kaiser is intrigued by the Bush bulge story, even if he has "ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE" on what the bulge might have been. "But given the apparent visual evidence of the photo," Kaiser said, "I hope we can keep pursuing this question and get an answer."

From the WaPo online chat: "I have a number of questions about this today. I am intrigued by it myself. If you look carefully at the picture (and I hope we can give you a link here to an internet version of the photo), it's hard to think this was some kind of natural fold in the president's suit jacket. But what was it?"

"The other intriguing bit of evidence is in Bush's answer to a question where he said 'let me finish' in the middle of his answer, when there was no apparent evidence anyone was pressing him or trying to interupt him. Conceivably he was responding to a look of impatience on Kerry's face at that moment. Or, as many bloggers are speculating, might he have been talking to a voice in his ear?"

"I have ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE to support any theory in this matter. But given the apparent visual evidence of the photo, I hope we can keep pursuing this question and get an answer. Another possibility, of course, is that Bush has to wear some kind of elaborate bulletproof vest to keep the Secret Service happy, and that we are seeing part of it in that photo. But the White House doesn't explain."

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