We challenge him to a duel

Published December 17, 2004 4:19PM (EST)

Otherwise, no comment on this freak show:

"The American Conservative Union on Thursday announced it has tapped Sen. Zell Miller, D-Ga., to present the "Courage Under Fire" award to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth at the Conservative Political Action Conference's Feb. 18 banquet."

"Miller and the group of Vietnam veterans were behind perhaps the campaign's two fiercest and most memorable attacks on Kerry's unsuccessful presidential bid."

"... 'The swift boat veterans performed an invaluable service to America,' Miller said in a statement. 'These veterans took a lot of undeserved criticism for daring to speak the truth.'"

"Official military records and even statements from Swift Boat veterans in Navy documents raised questions about their largely unsubstantiated claims, but the political damage had been done. At a post-election forum Wednesday in Boston, Mary Beth Cahill, Kerry's campaign manager, said she regretted underestimating the impact of the Swift Boat ads."

By Geraldine Sealey

Geraldine Sealey is senior news editor at Salon.com.

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