Cox can't get no respect

Not all of the declared GOP candidates made it into the Reagan library last night.

Published May 4, 2007 3:40PM (EDT)

A national political debate would not be complete without an "outrageous affront to free speech in America." This one comes courtesy of John Cox, the quirky Chicago businessman who has spent more than $1 million on his obscure Republican presidential run. A Cox press release recounts the whole scene as it took place Thursday night at the front gate of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library -- or at least, the Cox campaign's version of it.

"In an outrageous affront to free speech in America, the Ronald Reagan Library security broke up an interview between GOP Presidential Candidate John Cox and a KNBC reporter and camera crew, in front of the Reagan Library. This is the second time in a row that the former Chicago Cook County Republican President was locked out of the free speech process. First he was excluded from the MSNBC/ Presidential Debates. Then when he 'dared' to get independent publicity prior to the debate from which he was excluded, the hammer came down again, and he was kicked off of the Reagan Library grounds -- and had his press pass confiscated!"

He had a press pass? No wonder the New York Times never writes about Cox. It must see him as the competition.

By Michael Scherer

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