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Follow-up on blog request

Published May 7, 2007 11:34AM (EDT)

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this blog in response to my post from several weeks ago. I sent e-mails to every individual for whom I had an e-mail address (via Paypal), but some email addresses were invalid, and there were no e-mail addresses for those who sent actual mail. So for those who have not received e-mails from me, allow me to use this post to express my thanks and appreciation. It really is true that, as much as the donation itself, it is very encouraging to see support for one's work.

I'm in the process of speaking with several people who have expressed interest in working to help with research and other projects. I should have that finalized within the next week or two and it will enable me to increase the scope of the topics covered and the amount of work I'm able to do. As any blogger will tell you, everyone who contributes to the blog in any way -- including commenting, sending emails and even reading the blog -- is very appreciated and is a critically important part of every blog.

By Glenn Greenwald

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