Salon Radio: Interview with Digby

The standout political blogger discusses the tactics of the two presidential candidates, media coverage and the role of bloggers.

Published August 4, 2008 8:19PM (EDT)

On a daily basis, some of the best political writing anywhere in the country is found at Digby's blog. For today's edition of Salon Radio, I spoke with Digby regarding the media's coverage of the presidential campaign, the McCain campaign's tactics in attempting to have the election decided on everything other than the issues, how effective the Obama campaign has been in addressing the standard right-wing election strategies, the role the blogosphere has played this year in the presidential race, and what one can expect from blogs between now and November. The interview contains the standard high-level insights that typify her writing.

The discussion was roughly 30 minutes. A transcript, courtesy of Peter Grey, is here.

On a somewhat related note, Matt Stoller and others have commenced a petition and related campaign to urge Obama to select Wes Clark as his running mate. They make a compelling case as to why, of all the prospective choices, Clark is far and away the best -- both on the merits and politically. Those interested can read about their campaign and participate here.

By Glenn Greenwald

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