No return for Jeremiah Wright?

Jeremiah Wright may not be publishing a book this fall, despite a recent report he would.

Published August 13, 2008 6:00PM (EDT)

As October surprises go, the return of Jeremiah Wright would be a pretty unwelcome one for everyone except John McCain.

New York magazine's John Heilemann set some alarms off for anyone who fears Wright may still try to find a way to torpedo Barack Obama's chances at winning the presidency with a recent report that briefly noted Wright would publish a new book just weeks before Election Day. The story had Wright going on a national tour to promote the book, too.

It's hard to imagine exactly what Wright could do to get publicity for the book that would top the media circus he set off back in April, but whatever a Wright book tour would look like, it couldn't be helpful. Obama left Wright's former church, Trinity United Church of Christ, in June, after the press hounded him over sermons at the church (including Wright's) for months.

But now it seems there won't be any book this fall. "The only book we're working on is the history of Trinity, and I haven't even started editing that," Wright's daughter, Jeri, told's Roland Martin. "Nope. I'm not publishing anything," Jeri Wright quoted her father saying. "I'm not going on any book tours."

By Mike Madden

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