McCain, Obama keep up the ad wars

Both campaigns are running harsh new TV commercials about taxes and the economy.

Published August 15, 2008 1:52PM (EDT)

The ad battle between John McCain and Barack Obama is getting harder-edged practically by the day. McCain released a new commercial this morning accusing Obama of plotting to raise taxes, while Obama's campaign is running a spot in Indiana that features voters debating with McCain clips about the economy.

"Celebrity? Yes," McCain's ad starts. "Ready to lead? No." That's become the standard opening for most of McCain's advertising over the last few weeks; this one continues to cite editorials from the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post and the Las Vegas Review-Journal criticizing Obama's tax policy. Watch it here:

Meanwhile, Obama aides didn't announce their Indiana ad, but news organizations have dug it up anyway. "How can John McCain fix the economy when he doesn't think it's broken?" the commercial begins, before interspersing clips of Indiana voters going through hard times financially with shots of McCain defending the economy. Take a look:

By Mike Madden

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