Quotes of the day (Values Voter edition)

Highlights from the conservative political conference in Washington

Published September 18, 2009 8:59PM (EDT)

Most of the rhetoric at the Values Voter Summit was pretty toned down Friday afternoon, but there were still a few lines that seemed worth repeating. Here are some of the highlights:

"I often get asked the question, 'Is it difficult being you?'" -- Stephen Baldwin, actor-turned-evangelical activist and producer of Christian skater videos.

"We are not just one of many different nations on the planet. We are an exceptional nation -- we have established Biblical goals about our society... If the church is not fully what the church can be, then America cannot fully be what America is to truly be -- because as the church goes, so goes the nation." -- Kevin McCullough, Baldwin's radio co-host.

"Opposition to the president has got nothing to do with race. He's a black man when he had a 75 percent approval rating, and he's a black man when he's got a 50 percent approval rating, so it must not have anything to do with being black. Bingo! What happened between January and now wasn't that people discovered that he was black; they discovered that he was just another liberal!" -- Gary Bauer, evangelical activist and one-time winner of 7,487 votes in the 2000 Iowa caucuses, in which he finished fourth.

"Would you mind? This is about the rudest thing you can do." -- One Values Voter, interrupting MSNBC's Brian Mooar on live television and trying to take his microphone away for doing a standup in the back of the room.

By Mike Madden

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