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Glenn Beck just wants conservatives to die trying

By Mike Madden
Published October 24, 2009 12:47AM (UTC)
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Glenn Beck used his show Thursday to wax poetic about what he'd like to see in conservative candidates for political office. He riffed for a while on a metaphor involving buildings, and glass companies, and whether skyscraper windows should be opaque (yes, it really did make about that much sense on the air). And then he boiled it all down to one final summation before jumping off to a commercial break.

That's all I want, is somebody who will die trying.

You know what? That one person may fail. We're going to need hundreds of Mr. Smiths. When one goes in, they're going to get licked. They are. They are going to get licked. So, we'll send another, and they'll get licked.

And we'll send more and more and more and more, and each one we send will put another dent in their armor. And we're going to keep it coming. We're going to keep taking those licks until the people in Washington start looking more like our first leader George Washington and wake up.

You know what? He answered the call of the nation, not because he wanted fame or fortune or glory or power, but because it was the right thing. He didn't want to serve. He didn't want to serve.

I don't know a single soul that wants to serve and if you do want to serve in Washington, you're not the guy. Just do the right thing.

Got all that? If you want to serve in Washington, you're not the guy for the job. But that's okay, because you'll probably die trying to get the job done anyway. And when you do, more cannon fodder will be sent in right after you.

Mike Madden

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